Time to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level? 

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Marketing is one of the key drivers for your business success.

But if you don’t take it seriously, it’ll be a shortcut to failure! For sure you’ve read somewhere before, many statistics on reasons for small businesses failure. In most studies, you’ll find marketing-related reasons are more than the half of that list!

So, we provide practical marketing solutions that matches the special needs for small business and startups.

We’re small enough to care about you, and we are big enough to customize relevant marketing solutions that consider your special business situation.

We provide two main services; Market Research and Marketing Planning.

Market Research

Here we are mixing market research techniques with lean startup approach. 

Instead of consuming months in researching and digging into data, we will get the “enough” doze of data to guide our next stage.

Instead of wasting time building and customizing your new product/service, we will do that with actual customers or at least after initial buy-in signs.

  • Are you starting out a new business?
  • Are you targeting a new market?
  • Want to know which market that you should consider to export your products?
  • Do you want to know the market size and your market share?
  • Which customers that you should target? considering your situation
  • What about your competition, both direct and indirect? Want practical competition analysis that help you in the next stage?
  • Want to know what are the global trends in your industry? You know we live around a lot of hypes and self-pro-claim experts that will be dangerous to follow their forecasts. I will get the answers to you from the most credible sources in the world.
  • Having historical customers data and want to have deep customers analysis? For example, who are your actual top customers? You will be surprised; it is not an easy answer! Considering some factors like Customer Acquisition cost, and actual Cost of Customer Service.

Marketing Plan

Here we will give you a practical marketing plan with key metrics to measure your progress in each step throughout your customer journey

  • Are you doing some random marketing acts? That sometimes work and you don’t know what’s really working?
  • Do you want a marketing roadmap that guide you throughout your customer journey?
  • Do you fed up with some vanity metrics (such as likes, downloads …etc.)? Wish to know what to measure in marketing? And more importantly where and how to measure it?

What You’ll Get During This Marketing Free Consultation Call

What You’ll Do Before the Call

You'll give me a brief about your business and current marketing challenges or what you want to  research or improve?

Then we schedule a 30 minutes call.

What Happens During the Call

Here we will think together to solve ONE of your challenges with your available resources. I'll give you a free and honest advice. What drives me here, is to help small businesses get better results.  

So if you found that we can achieve better cooperation through a formal proposal, we will customize that.  

What Changes After the Call

Results are depends on your case! you may find the solution in my free advice. Or move forward toward the proposal. 

In both cases, you're welcome to give me feedback after the call anytime to help you more.

About Taher

I’m a Marketing consultant, having more than 10 years experience. Worked in several industries at local and multinational companies.
I’m a Professional Certified Marketer in Marketing Management, from The American Marketing Association in USA (AMA PCM®).

Please feel free to check my proven record through recommendations, testimonials, and read my press mentions. Also have a look on the amazing clients that I have worked with.

Why They Recommend Me?

I am lucky to work with some awesome people across my career
Here are some of their recommendations.

Salah Rashad

Learning & HR Consultant in MENA 

Taher is a knowledgeable with good technical marketing mindset, he always thinks strategically with his clients not hit and run. Honest in finding the best solutions/decisions for customers even they are against his sake as a freelancer. He has an impressive network of reliable professionals

In brief Taher is a detailed oriented, trustworthy and meet your expectations. When you have Taher in your project, consider it done!

Rasha Abdelsalam


Taher is a great oriented and innovative in FADIC project, He was very talented, Oriented, Idea Storming, He helped us with too many ideas.

It is impressive to integrate Ideas, Innovation with Sense of Art; To help the client to appear in the market in an excellence appearance.

The most important issue was impressive is the post project consultation which helped us to establish ourselves in the market.

Really excellent job??

Marwa Farouq

Global Vice President People, Organization & Culture

Taher is a self-driven and enthusiastic professional. He has a high level of commitment to deadlines and is serious when it comes to meeting what is expected from him. He also has outstanding problem-solving abilities and analytical skills. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Marketing together!

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My schedule is busy till Feb 2022, so I can't accept your request nowadays!
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